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Eliminate Mold, Algae, and mold on Your Roof

As discussed by Lou Manfredini - 

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Z-Stop, a zinc strip that's easily installed on your roof, acts as a barrier to roof mold, algae and fungus growth, protecting the roof, its appearance and value.

Z-Stop is made of zinc which inhibits roof mold, algae and fungus when applied in strips to old or new roofs. It works with any wood or composition roof. The natural action of rain water time-releases zinc carbonate, a proven fungistat, which then washes down the roof preventing destructive roof mold, algae and fungus growth.

The roof pictured above has that black shadow all over it. Many people think the roof is wet or dirty, but that is mold eating away at your roof. It will eventually destroy your roof and you'll have to replace it.

Get a copy of How To Get Rid Of Black Mold and read just how easy it is to get rid of this roof mold. We tested various methods and tell you the secret of the easiest way to get rid of roof mold and never have it come back again!

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