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Window Mold

Window mold is a common problem which is usually quite easy to solve. Window mold happens in two different ways. The first is mold can start growing between the house and the window frame. This has varying degrees of difficulty, but the best way to make sure you get it all is to remove the trim around the window and clean the mold off. Replace what you have dismantled and caulk it well.

The second winow mold is within the window area. The window sill is the most probable area where moisture combined with dust, dirt and grime can begin growing mold. Mold can feed off of the dirty stuff and the moisture that is always present is enough to keep it sustained. Usually all you have to do is clean it up. Most household cleaners should do the trick.

If you have larger mold problems than just the window, then you may want to take more strict precautions. One safety feature would be to clean the window from outside while keeping the window closed. That way any mold spores that will be released from the cleaning process will be released outside. That keeps them harmless.

If you have window mold inside your home around the window, then you'll want to contain the area that you are working with, while at the same time removing the trim pieces. Find the mold and clean it up. I describe containments in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold" available on the home page. Keep everything within the containment and when you are finished cleaning remove the containment directly outside through the window if possible. That way there is less chance of releasing mold spores throughout your home.

Then you just replace the trim and caulk accordingly.

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