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White Mold on Walls

White mold on walls is generally found in your basement and concrete crawl spaces. It is very difficult to spot. But if you're like 95% of the other home owners out there then you have some white mold on the walls of your basement.

Basements and crawl spaces are what I call "mold farms". Everyone that owns a home is a mold farmer too. Basements stay about 50 degrees all year, while the weather upstairs is changing constantly. This heated and cooled air keeps exchanging with the constant temperature of the basement walls and creates moisture through condensation. It isn't a lot, but it's enough to allow mold to thrive. White mold on walls in these areas is almost impossible to stop, but I have a chapter in my book that describes a perpetual mechanism for keeping that mold count at bay.

You can keep some of the white mold problems at bay by using a dehumidifier, but that doesn't extinguish the problem. Removing the excess moisture from the air just makes the white mold go dormant until there is enough moisture to begin spewing mold spores out into the air.

White mold or any mold form can be exterminated. As I describe in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", you will need to find the source of the mold. In the case with basement white mold the moisture is due to the humidity changes and you will never get rid of the humidity changes, so I have a secret weapon that I outline in great detail in my book. You'll have to bite the bullet and purchase the book to find out. My secret process to exterminating white mold is only in the book, not in the web site.

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