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Wall Mold

Wall mold is usually a tell tale sign that you may have a mold infestation somewhere in your home that is not readily visible. It may have been very humid for a prolonged amount of time and mold was able to get a hold on the wall. Start by using some normal household cleaner and clean up the wall mold, then monitor it for a couple of weeks. If it doesn't come back, then problem solved.

However, if wall mold keeps coming back you need to look for the source that is causing this to happen. If the wall mold is always in the same place you should consider that maybe that part of the interior wall needs to be replaced. If wall mold keeps popping up in different areas then you may a mold infestation somewhere in or near your HVAC system.

Mold forms when mold spores float around and land on a moist area. If the area is organic the spore will begin to grow as long as the moisture is still there. Once the mold begins to grow and reproduce it will spew millions of mold spores throughout your home. When you can actually see mold that means there are millions of cells right there. These spores are everywhere and you will never be rid of them entirely. It's when they multiply out of control and are trapped inside your home when they cause the biggest problems.

Wall mold and other situations are described in great detail in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". The various scenarios and controls I lay out for you will not only help you remove mold from your home, but they will enable you to keep mold out of your life forever.

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