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The Effects of Mold

The effects of mold in your environment can be devistating especially if the mold is allowed to reproduce unchecked for a lengthy period of time. The effects of mold can be illnesses, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and in extreme measures loss of memory.

The effects of mold could be runny nose, migraines, scratchy throat, itchiness, and the list goes on. How does mold do all that and why isn't there a medicine for it? The answer lies within how mold works. You see, mold breaks down or at least keeps your immune system busy. While the immune system is busy fighting mold expsure, it lets other illnesses and diseases get by. So your doctors are treating the other diseases. You need to understand and do something about the mold yourself.

This site is dedicated to helping eliminate the effects of mold on your life and your loved ones. Mold is all around us and when it is allowed to increase its concentration in your home or work place the effects can be terrible.

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