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Common Signs of House Mold

Mold & mildew may not be apparent but human behavior is, so what do you look for?

The human condition is so predictable that it's scary. There are some very exact behaviors that indicate a house mold problem. Black mold symptoms, house mold symptoms, and any type of mold growth affect human behavior in very specific patterns.

One of the most wide spread behaviors is to burn scented candles in the house. Sometimes the scent is for "soothing the soul"; however, when you are burning a candle to mask odors - that's a behavior that indicates mold and mildew in about 60% of the cases.

A second very wide spread behavior is found in the basement. When someone doesn't store their stuff directly on the floor, that's a very good indicator that there is a mold and mildew issue. Why? Because the storage is raised off the floor due to water. Where there is water, dampness, lack of direct light, and a relatively untouched area, there is mold and mildew.

A third behavior is the act of kids drawing on the fogged windows inside the house. This excessive moisture is the cause of mold growth. The behavior is the smily face on your sliding glass door. Again, human behavior is very predictable and when you know what to look for, you'll know that there is a high percentage chance that there could be a mold and mildew problem.

It is a good idea to remember that just because you clean up mold in your home doesn't mean the problem is solved. That mold is a colony. That is where a lot of mold plants congregate in a large enough area for you to see them. When you clean up the mold colony, you will invariably discharge hundreds of mold spores into the air within your house.

Mold spore are not visible and readily float on any air current within the home. They will settle on a wet spot. (Think about it. Not much sticks to dry areas.) When the spores stick to the moist surface they will also need food. Mold feeds on anything organic.

A damp towel (bathroom, kitchen) is a good place for mold to begin to grow. A plumbing fixture or pipe that sweats is a great place to land, stick, and begin growing. A wet corner or leak in the shower. An empty box sitting on the garage floor is another great place.

The mold you just cleaned up has allowed you to help it spread and further infest your living space. You probably live in a well insulated home that is practically air tight to the outside weather. Guess what? It's practically air tight to the inside air too.

Those mold spores (from your cleaning job) have spread. They are breeding and living on almost everything possible. What do you do?

You should first obtain the free report "Top 10 Mold and Mildew Solutions". After reviewing the report, realize you'll need more powerful techniques and weapons. Then investigate the way mold is stopped in "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". In the book are three very specific techniques for greatly killing mold in your home and ending the reproductive cycle that your usual cleaning aides.

Everything has been tested, every technique can be done by even the most challenged of humans. It's just a matter of finding all the information you need.

Howard Doughman
Former Director Environmental Services
St. Francis Hospital of Evanston
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