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Mold Ailments - Real Lives

Coughing at least every 60 seconds of every moment that she was up and about, was a two year nightmare for my wife and with the proper knowledge she beat it. Tethered 24 hours per day to an oxygen line, this business acquaintance of mine was able to reduce oxygen use to 16 hours per day to ease his emphysema.

The cough would remind you of a small dog barking just once. Then within the next minute it would happen again. The odd thing was that it went away when she laid down. That's the opposite of how most coughs are and we were trying to find out how to get rid of it.

At that time in our lives, we travelled the country extensively. So we had actually visited 3 ENT doctors, 3 allergists, and 3 internal medicine people. None of these professions could figure out why this was happening. Exams of her throat were okay they just kept medicating her. I think we had a suitcase just for her medicines.

After two full years of this torment, we were told about a holistic physician nearby and to at least try one more opinion. The root cause was determined to be allergies to mold and hypersensitivity to most environmental allergens. One of the major contributors to this debilitation was all the medicines. Another was just mold in general.

The same technologies that I write about for ending house mold symptoms were actually used by the holistic physician. My wife's burden was gone within 7 days. After two years, too many doctors, and complete frustration the problem was identified and solved within the matter of one week.

The story wasn't over at that point in time. We eventually implemented the same technologies that this holistic physician used on my wife, in the protection of our home. The results have been incredible.

Emphysema has seriously hurt a retired business friend that produces some marketing material for me. I was at his home one summer day, the windows were all open letting in the fresh air. He took me to his basement where he works. We discussed the project and went back upstairs.

His wife joined us and we eventually landed on the subject of my mold killing book that I was writing. My friends wife then began telling me how just a couple of years ago he was required to have oxygen 24 hours per day. With emphysema it was very difficult to do anything without the oxygen.

After several minutes, they disclosed that they implemented one technology that has enabled him to go about 8 hours per day without oxygen. Obviously he was able to get up and down the basement stairs and move about too. They had even been canning that morning.

Their technological solution was the same that my wife's doctor had used to solve her coughing problem. This couple and my family both use the same solution and it has made a vastly better quality of life for all of us. We basically live as mold free as anyone can.

These are true, real life stories. By learning how to get rid of mold, we have greatly enhanced our lives. If you think you have problems that stem from mold, then it is worth your time to research this site. Read the book and find out how you can permanently end mold problems.

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