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Black Mold Health Symptoms

Black mold health symptoms produced by the presence of mold are allergy and flu type of symptoms. Usually respiratory problems are present. Black mold health symptoms and mold allergy symptoms are basically the same. You won't feel good, you will have a runny nose, itchy eyes, sometimes there will be labored breathing.

Black mold health symptoms and toxic mold symptoms may really begin just as above. However, the black mold health symptoms will eventually begin to overwhelm you and in fact toxic mold can kill you. When you are experiencing black mold health  symptoms, you may have issues with the air quality outside, but much of the time there are air quality issues within your living spaces. In either case the bigger issue is that your immune system begins to work overtime.

When your immune system spends a prolonged amount of time in gear, you will begin to fall victim to even more health attacks. So the health effects of mold and black mold health symptoms aren't usually going to be your main concern, but they are going to create a situation where other infections or diseases can get a start because your immune system is occupied with the mold health hazard.

Black mold health symptoms, mold allergy symptoms, and symptoms of mold exposure are not in themselves going to warrant medical attention in most people. (There are some individuals that are more susceptible and will require attention, my family included). 

But these health issues with mold reduce your tolerance to other infections. It is wise, if you suspect mold health hazards in your environment to read How To Get Rid Of Black Mold which will help you solve black mold health symptoms in your home and keep it from ever effecting you again. 

Also if your black mold health symptoms are extreme do not hesitate to find a doctor. Just read the "Top 10 mold/mildew solutions" that is available above and to your left, to see real black mold symptoms and how they devestated one life. You will find a huge list of issues that were eventually solved with information available from this site.

Black Mold Health Symptoms are treated not black mold exposure . . .

However, keep in mind that doctors usually treat the symptoms and it would be very difficult for them to determine the root cause of other illnesses based on your house mold symptoms.

Because the symptoms of mold exposure show themselves as stated above and because they have the potential to leave your body open to other diseases and health attacks due to the decrease in your immune system's ability to fight them off, you can now recognize the mold health risk

Whenever you see signs of house mold symptoms, meaning someone is exhibiting cold and flu like symptoms but it seems to reduce when outside or away from home, then definitely learn to eliminate mold in your home the easy way. Just take a look at the "Top 10" report above and you will be able to isolate what might be ailing you.

Howard Doughman
Former Director Environmental Services
St. Francis Hospital of Evanston
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