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Shower Mold

Shower mold can be a regular chore. It just seems to grow no matter what cleaners you use or what other precautions you take. The good news is that shower mold is not usually the place that grows the most problematic mold source. Those spaces are usually hidden and allowed to grow unchecked for years.

Shower mold is easily cleaned up with a quick scrub. All you really need is some soapy water and a rag and go to it. Don't be alarmed by shower mold because at least you can see it and take care of it as needed.

Besides shower mold, you will find a large amount of mold growing between the interface of the toilet tank and toilet bowl. You clean there all the time, but the moisture feeds mold and dust underneath the tank. Take a toilet apart and you'll see what I mean.

Another place to search for mold in your bathroom is around the ceiling vent. There is a huge build up of moisture there all year. Finally, take a look under the vanity once or twice a year and make sure it is dry. Those other places harbor more mold than the shower.

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