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Professional reveals step-by-step reliable solutions on how to clean and then kill shockingly destructive black mold.

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Getting Rid of Roof Moss, Roof Mold, Mildew, and Algae

Cleaning roof mold, algae, and mildew, from a roof takes a little planning. Getting rid of moss and roof mold on shingled roofs is the easiest job. Cedar roofs will need more careful attention.

Removing roof mold on shingles requires that you commit to safety first. Proper ladders or scaffolding are required. Depending on how steep the pitch, you may need extra rigging to avoid falling off.

There are several fungicides available for a price at all hardware stores. There are also methods for home remedies that are far less costly. One source for an inexpensive do-it-yourself project  is How to Get Rid of Black Mold. Where you can find the specific details for solving this common problem and getting the dark streaked roof mold off your house.

Your first step is to remove the gross clumps of moss. With roof mold, roof mildew, and roof algae you won't have to do that. Then it is time to actually kill the rest of the plant. Follow the instructions provided with any product you purchase to do the job.

Once the fungicide has been on the roof for the appropriate "kill time", then it's ready to scrub off. We've used a regular hose with a nozzle, we've used brushes, but the easiest method we have found is within the Mold book mentioned earlier.

One other thing is that you still haven't prevented the moss, roof mold, algae, or fungus from coming back. That very important step will relieve you of ever getting back on the roof for that purpose again.

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