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Removing Mold

Removing mold safely is what you need to be concerned about. Removing mold could be as simple as wiping it up in a corner of the bathroom or as difficult as cutting out drywall and replacing it. If you are experiencing extreme mold infestation then you need to really exercise caution every step of the way.

Just the act of wiping up mold can cause it to spread. There are microscopic spores being released by the mold that you can see. The slightest of air currents will take them to flight and they will float around until they come in contact with a moist surface. There is no way possible to avoid releasing those spores. However, if you have a four foot square section of black mold growing from a leak in the roof and you are taking the ceiling out, that's where you must exercise extreme caution.

Imagine you knock the ceiling out with a hammer. The pieces fall to the floor and now mold spores are released everywhere. The proper way to take care of this specific situation is to build a containment around the infected area. That way the release of mold spores is contained within. You then take extra care to discard the containment without introducing its contents to your home.

As an example, on of my readers last year contacted me after reading through my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". A remediation company came into her home, removed the bathroom walls, cleaned up the mess, and the construction people followed with a remodelled bathroom. Sounds simple and handled by professionals - RIGHT? - - WRONG!

The remediation company was a joke. They didn't build a containment around their work. They filled their little dumpster with the debris and rolled it through the home and outside. That act could be found as negligent if they were a real remediation company. What happened was a few weeks later, the reader began wiping up green film all over the houses floors every day.

The mold spores had spread all over the place. The reader was having trouble focusing on any thought after just three weeks! The reader kept using mold killers, kept throwing her rags away bundled up in a plastic bag and everything that you can think of to keep from spreading the mold all over. The act of disturbing the bathroom had released so much mold that the reader was overwhelmed with mold infestation.

I coached her through a very few specific areas of the book and within several days, her focus was restored - she could think straight again. Her headaches were diminishing - she had been suffering from daily headaches and incredible sinus pressure. She also made her bedroom an extra safe haven from mold by utilizing one of my secret weapons.

If you have a large problem and plan on removing mold yourself you can save hundreds of dollars with just a little research. You can be spared medical problems too, by doing it right.

I have a few very defined strategies to help you remove mold in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". These strategies are LETHAL to mold and will certainly have you feeling better in a short amount of time.

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