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Removing Mildew

Removing mildew can be accomplished if you practice patience and do a little testing first. Mildew is mold that is growing in fabric. Mildew is eating the fabric so if the mildew has been there for a while it may be too late to remove it without leaving a noticable stain.

In order to remove mildew I have used Clorox 2 for colors. What I do is take a portion of the material that is hidden such as a shirt tail, under the cushions of a sofa and so forth. I spread a little bit of the Clorox 2 on with a cotton swab and rub it in. I allow it to sit for a few minutes, then I use a wet rag and 'rinse' the spot. I let the material dry thoroughly and see if the color stayed fast.

If the color is not ruined, I then begin the same process on the mildew. For a shirt I rub it in for several minutes with my fingers. Then I let it set for a for about 10 minutes. Then I thoroughly rinse the area with cold water. I allow it to air dry to be sure I got everything. If there is still mildew I repeat. I have had to do it up to three times.

As I mentioned though, sometimes the mildew has had time to damage the material and you will never be able to get rid of the mark completely, but the Clorox 2 will kill what mildew was still alive in that area.

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