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Red Mold

Red mold removal needs to be done without hesitation should you discover it growing within your home. Red mold isn't that unusual as molds come in all sorts of colors. Red mold removal is accomplished the same way as every other mold.

First identify the location of the red mold. Then cut off the moisture supplying the red mold because without eliminating the water source, it will continue to grow no matter how many times you clean it up.

Once the moisture problem is solved, it's time to put together the required personal protective equipment you'll need. A set of goggles, a mask, gloves and protective clothes if you're chemical agent requires it. I often use bleach and dilute it with water but only if I am sure I can dry the area within a few hours. Make sure you have adequate ventilation.

For larger areas you will want to isolate the area within a containment tent that you would contruct with clear sheet plastic and duct tape. That way the when all the mold spores are stirred up during the cleaning process, they will be confined to the containment.

Scrape away and throw away the gross mold. Then begin cleaning with your moldicide. Allow the chemical to stand at least 10 minutes prior to wiping it up. You want as much kill time as possible. Throw everything into sealed plastic bags. You don't want to contaminate other areas of your home with more red mold.

Once the red mold is all cleaned up, disinfect the containment, the outside of the garbage bags, your equipment and suit too. It is wise if you are just wearing old clothes to remove them, bag them and not allow them within your living space. Throwing them away would be best.

Now dry the affected area thoroughly. Without completely drying the area, the red mold spores that were released and escaped will land on the moist surface and begin growing again. Hopefully you can dry it completely and there will be no problems.

Take precautions with red mold because you don't want it to make you sick or further infect your home.

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