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Musty Basements Eliminated Easily and With Little Effort

Learn what the top 10% of real estate agents do to solve impossible odors.

Houses are difficult to market these days and having rooms that are musty, stale and smelly doesn't make the task easier. Real estate agents employ various means of removing that problem when it's time to show the house.

As mentioned in several sales professional books, real estate agents will turn on the oven, add a drop of vanilla and let the aroma circulate through the home. Others will light perfumed and scented candles to keep any unwanted smells from intruding on their "patented" sales process; however, only the very top real estate professionals know the secret to eliminating unwanted smells.

I'm an active real estate broker in Illinois. I was having difficulty finding just the right method for eliminating those stale odors in a home. After an exhaustive search, I found that there were many ways to mask odors. You cover them up with a spray scent or a lingering fruity candle. But I wasn't satisfied with that.

In real estate, many different agents show a house that is on the market. Many of them could care less if the specific house sells. So they aren't really motivated to ensure that unwanted smells are eliminated.

Having once been in the "cleaning business" within healthcare, I had a pretty good understanding of the "technologies" available to help solve the problem. I needed a method of eliminating all unwanted smells in a home. Some homes have the "old" smell, the "stale" smell, the "mildew" smell and more. I wanted to list a home and while taking that listing and doing the paper work, I wanted to find a way to eliminate those odors.

I found the solution and it wasn't one of the old hospital mainstays. It wasn't a filter of any kind. It wasn't any kind of plug in device and it definitely wasn't something to mask the problem. I found a new technology that very few people know about.

Real estate agents contact me every day about this little gem of a secret. I don't and will not divulge it within this page. It is spelled out, and the secret is revealed in my book: "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". I put the secret within the book for a few reasons:
  • The secret is valuable and works so well that you can't use it in a flower shop or you wouldn't be able to smell the flowers
  • Being a real estate professional, I'm competing with other agents to list homes and sell them, so I don't want to give it away
  • The secret works Better than advertised
  • I use it in my kitchen and you wouldn't be able to tell what we had for dinner if you walked in afterwards
  • My mother thinks my wife keeps everything clean and tidy because she can't smell any problems - imagine a happy mother-in-law
The basement is a difficult area to keep smell free. Basements are just conducive to growing mold and mildew. That is the stale or basement smell that everyone can identify. The secret will eliminate basement smell forever. It's all made available in "How to Get Rid of Black Mold".

You can eliminate the smells using the old fashioned way of scrubbing everything with a cleaner (scent added), you can keep everything in the basement dry and keep the humidity low. If you have a perfectly sealed basement, that is dehumidified, that is properly insulated from the ground and the temperature changes are kept minimal, then you'll have a clean smelling basement. However, if you're like 99.9% of the rest of us, it will definitely be a considerable time and money saving proposition to learn more.

This site is dedicated to eliminating mold and the smells that they create. The beauty of it is that the smelly problems can all be solved by the same secret weapon. Discover more secrets by exploring this and live healthier and happier.

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