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Mould Removal

Mould removal often times is rather easy; however, should you require a large area to of mould to be removed, you may be introducing mould hazards to more of your home. For simple clean ups of mould in the bathroom a regular household cleaner normally does the trick. Now let us consider a situation where the mould removal area is four meters square.

For example, a portion of your bathroom wall has become rotten over the course of two years. You begin the project of repairing the the wall by tearing out the wall board that is damaged. What you find behind the wall is a huge area of mould growth that was fed by the moisture from the bath. This represents a large mould removal project and the reason is that you don't want to spread the mold throughout your home and infect the entire structure.

I describe various scenarios like this one in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", which give comprehensive step-by-step instructions and then identifies a method you can use to exterminate mold continually. But back to the problem at hand. You will need to isolate this area in the bathroom. Preferably with a plastic containment chamber. Using sheet plastic and duct tape.

Your containment is best produced by including a window if possible because you would want to open the window to get fresh air continually fed within the chamber. The fresh air also helps remove the mold spores that have been released from the clean up job. The mould removal can now take place.

Don protective apparrel such as a mask, goggles and clean suit. Enter the chamber and begin scraping all the mould you can find into plastic garbage bags. When the bags are half full close them up and secure them. Next using a moldicide product as directed apply it to the area and all through the inner wall that you can reach.

Once you have completed everything you can manage, begin cleaning the inside of the chamber, the outside of the bags and all of your tools (including yourself) with the mould cleaner or a diluted bleach solution. Put all of the refuse in clean plastic garbage bags and seal them. Next dismantle your containment chamber and discard it. All of the mould trash is to be stored outside.

At this point in time I would suggest employing my secret technique described in my mould book, however that is optional. It is time to replace the wall. Make sure you have sealed the tub so that the water source is no longer a problem. Your mould removal task is complete and all you should do now is monitor the area for a few weeks to make sure all of it is gone. If some mold spots show up it's because of the original mold spore release when you took out the wall. Clean up those areas and keep an eye on them to make sure they don't come back.

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