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Mold is a Cold Blooded Killer  (series)
Part II of IV

Mold and Medical Problems
Mold's Cost to US Healthcare

The US Healthcare system is used only because it was most accessible to me. In the USA, the annual cost of healthcare in 2004 was $1.9 Trillion! That's 1 Trillion 900 Billion dollars!

Assuming that 20% of diseases could be minimized or avoided if mold were controlled, that would bring mold related healthcare costs to $38,000,000,000 per year. That's 38 Billion dollars! The medical field, the legal field, and the government probably wouldn't back this figure. Why? Because the medical profession wouldn't see mold infestation as the problem. They would see another disease!

Mold contamination doesn't give you HYPERMUCORALESITIS (I made that up). What it does is it keeps your immune system busy. It can make it so busy that other diseases can take hold of your system. If you need verification, grab any free literature from any holistic medicine place. Their whole principle is to strengthen the immune system.

US Healthcare could cost significantly less if just 20% of these mold related dollars were avoided. That would come out to $7,600,000 saved! Not only is the impact huge in terms of money, but it is huge in terms of the lives it touches. Keep in mind Reaganomics and the trickle down effect. This savings trickles down as well.

Imagine that each mold related illness adds $2,500 in cost to healthcare. With the 7.6 Million dollars saved that would be 3,040 people that weren't debilitated by mold. Those are huge, significant numbers of real people.

These savings are based on assumptions. I believe them to be very conservative and low. Reducing mold can have a huge impact on healthcare around the world.

MediCare and MediCaid

The largest of all healthcare payors is the US government. Medicare and Medicaid are the government paying for health care costs. They usually don't pay for 100% of the true cost of any disease. Just ask any self respecting hospital administrator.

The government's short pay, along with people that are un-insured and under-insured, create a situation where the rest of the payors have to make up the difference. How do you make up the difference? Easy, insurance premium increases, co-pays, and other tag ons to your health bill.

That $7.6 Million is just a small drop in the healthcare budget. About 80% of all healthcare dollars is one of the governmental forms of insurance. Where does the government get the money - - from us! Everyone hates waste and everyone hates paying taxes, so why don't people take action and begin solving a basic problem that can attack the immune system - quite living with elevated levels of mold spores in your home!

Many will read this and strike it down because there is no basis. There is no measured basis because mold related illnesses can't be detected. The mold lowers your body's defense against other diseases. You basically get sucker punched when your body is so busy trying to protect you from the mold invasion.

Not every home has a mold problem and not every office has a mold problem; however, with careful observation, you can figure out if you should be worried. If you think you have a mold issue invest a little time in mold research and take care of the problem before you are forced to take action (when it's too late).

The above numbers are estimates. Please use this information with that in mind.

Howard Doughman
Former Director Environmental Services
St. Francis Hospital of Evanston
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