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Mold Treatment

Mold treatment is available in many forms. The most comprehensive way to eliminate mold in your home is to hire a professional, licensed mold remediator. They will build a containment around your mold infestation, they will exhaust the air from inside the containment to the outdoors, they will strip everything down to the two by fours and then kill the mold.

Once the mold is killed, they will encapsulate the area with foam so that any remaining spores will not be able to escape - ever. All the debris will be isolation bagged and removed from the home. The containment will be removed without exposing mold spore to the rest of the house.

They will also use HEPA air filters (Highe Efficiency Particulate Air) to remove even more foreign bodies from the air. Hopefully once they're complete, you have a relatively mold free life.

Another method is to isolate the area yourself, do the same things that the remediation company will do and then hope for the best. It all sound complicated but mold treatment works for you just as well as it works for the professionals.

A third way which I go into great detail about in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", is not only to do it yourself, but to also install DIY preventive devices that will stop mold spores in their tracks! This is the way I developed in dealing with my own issues and those that I have helped.

Mold treatment will kill the mold that you see today. But in most cases, mold spores escape any type of cleaning and ride on micro-air currents throughout your home until they find a moist place to 'stick' to and then they begin growing and breeding more spores. My book gives you an inside secret into how to prevent those rogue spores from getting a foothold anywhere else in your home.

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