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Mold Symptoms

Mold Symptoms are usually very stealth until your immune system begins breaking down. Mold symptoms could be frequent headaches, unexplained illnesses, pets that get diseases, or thousands of different malladies. The reason is that your immune system gets so busy with fending off mold, that it allows other diseases to sneak in and get a foot-hold.

More physical mold symptoms would be musty smells. Mold that begins growing on your doors, walls, or ceilings. You have a pretty good infection within your home once you spot a substantial amount of mold. Because mold is microscopic, when you can see it then there is at least one if not multiple colonies growing.

When you towels smell sour in the summer time, that's mold symptoms. In this case it is mildew which is mold that attacks textiles. That smell means you need to wash the towel because you probably didn't hang it up to dry neatly. It only takes about a day for mold to get started growing and without illness the biggest mold symptom is odor.

YOUR SHOES = MOLD that's what stinks! It's always wise to make sure they are dry and when they get wet give them ample aeration to completely dry.

I can go on for hours, but keep exploring this site and discover what different mold symptoms may be already present within your life. By the way, I did write a book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". It does work on any mold regardless of color.

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