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Mold resistant appears to be false advertising at times and the reason is usually not the mold resistant prodcut. The best example of this idea is a vinyl seat on a boat. No matter what you do you eventually have mold and mildew problems.

Mold needs the right amount light, moisture and food. Our biggest defense against mold is to keep moisture under control, but on a boat that's nearly impossible. The vinyl seat may be mold resistant, but mold still grows on it. The reason is dirt, grime and dust.

The boat seats are mold resistant but the residue that settles on them isn't mold resistant. The dirt gets ground into the seat, mold can feed on the dirt and there is plenty of moisture to feed the process. The way mold works is that it digests outside of its cellular body. So those digestive enzymes begin to pit and eat into the vinyl cushion. So the mold resistant seat is now being ruined by mold.

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