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Mold Problems

Mold problems are universal. Mold is a very efficient plant that's job it is to break down organic material. Without it we would all be in a mess, but with it we are often times also in a mess. Mold problems only begin with odors and end with huge problems sometimes resulting in death.

Mold works by producing microscopic spores that are all around us, all the time. Outside air keeps stirring everything up so the concentration of mold spores and mold in general is always less than in confined spaces. Mold problems within a home are due to the fact that ventilation is a problem, along with moisture.

With new home contruction, they are so energy efficient (few air leaks) that mold can't escape either. If mold is growing within your home and it is not sent outside with air exchanges, then you're going to have a mold problem. Mold spores ride micro-currents of air all over your home. There's nothing you can do about its migration.

The mold spores always settle on a moist surface and that's where they begin to grow and produce millions of more mold spores. Your mold problem keeps growing until something gives and it usually is somebody's health. You may not even be aware that there is a mold problem either.

Take a click over to House Mold Symptoms to see if any of the bullet points match your experience. If you have a few of those symptoms then maybe there is a mold problem and you'll need to combat it. This site is dedicated to removing mold from your life and in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", I cover in detail various methods for solving your problems.

First find the mold farm that's growing in your home, next eliminate the moisture source, then contain the area through isolation techniques, then clean it up, and in my eBook I give you a DIY method for automatically eliminating mold all year round.

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