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Most mold problems begin as very small spots and after time become a raging jungle of mold and mold spores that infiltrate your entire home and create a toxic environment for all who live within. Usually these very small starts are not even noticed. In fact a mold problem could be huge before it begins to get your attention. Unfortunately your attention probably doesn't fall on the mold problem until you are already experiencing illness.

Often times I get asked if I think mold causes cancer and I can not give a definitive yes because there are so many factors that are involved; however, I truly believe that mold does help cancer get it's foothold on someone. The reason is that a mold problem usually exists for a long period of time. Over time the mold begins to be a problem for your immune system. I absolutely believe that with a health immune system that is not under attack that a person has a better chance of not contracting cancer or any other disease. So, in my opinion, mold problems can help lead to cancer.

I had a new roof put on the house about 10 years ago. Within two years we began getting water seapage through our chimney. I worked on trying to figure out where the water was coming from for a year. I even had the chimney rebuilt. The following spring brought more water. Finally I took the hose up on the roof and just let it run while my wife kept watch near the fireplace. When she yelled that it was coming in I had a pretty good localized spot that was my problem. It was a valley that was near the chimney. I got a caulking gun and went to work. That cleared up the problem.

I had isolated the problem, I had cut off the moisture, and now I had to get rid of the mold problem. So we simply built a fire for several nights to burn as much of it off as we could. It's a gas fireplace so I didn't have to worry about wet wood. So the mold problem was a little easier than most to clean up.

Presently we were just introduced to a new water leak in the roof. It drips over the kitchen sink and a few weeks ago I spotted a little dark mold area in another area of the ceiling. It's our other chimney. I went up into the attic during the day but kept the light off. I saw some light near the chimney. I believe a roof cap shingle might have been torn off during the winter. Or it could be the big earth quake of the midwest near Dekalb, IL about a month ago. But now I have to get up on the roof and stop the leak.

Once the leak is stopped, I'll have to wait a few weeks and then go up into the attic to see what kind of mold damage there might be. The water marks were on the decking and joists. Obviously it made its way underneath the pink insulation an into the drywall. I'll have to pull up the insulation and decide whether to knock that section out and replace it or see if it can be salvaged. It isn't a big area but it still must be done.

Then once that is done I think I may have a leaky basement window that is letting some water into the basement. Again, I'll seal it up, dry it up, clean it up and keep an eye on it. So just over this last winter, I have two mold problems that need attention before they get out of control.

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