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Mold Poisoning

Mold poisoning results when the levels of mold in your environment have already reached toxic levels and immediate action is required for survival!

The immediate response to mold poisoning is fresh air outside of the environment that is making you sick. Get out and stay out until the mold is removed. I have met people with short term memory loss, hair falling out, mold splotches growing on their skin, tumors, respiratory ailments, chronic migraine headaches and more. You need to realize this is your last wake up call and get rid of the mold.

If you think it is mold poisoning go to House Mold Symptoms to see if these look like signs happening in your life and if they are then I would highly suspect mold. Get out of there and get it cleaned up!

My mission is to help you remove black mold from your home or where ever you may think you are being attacked. Remember it's after your immune system and that's what deserves your focus.

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