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Mold on Walls

Mold on walls is a common problem in climates with high humidity and in environments that have a mold infestation problem. High humidity and a little dust is all takes for mold on walls. Mold on walls can also feed on wall paper, wall paper paste/glue, drywall paper, and when conditions are right it will begin eating away at the paint.

Mold on walls is prevalent if you're in a climate that has high humidity you will need to either open the house for ventilation, run a de-humidifier, or shut the house and run the air conditioning. Everybody will have high humidity upon occassion, but if your area is prone to it then you will need to take those steps. You can reduce the possibility of mold on walls in high humidity by keeping the walls wiped down once per month. This will eliminate excessive dust that the mold can cling to.

If your home is already infested with mold, then that could be the reason for the mold on walls. I have had similar experiences with mold growing in a light film on my doors. I used a moldicide cleaner and wiped them down. That got rid of the mold on walls. However, my episode was after a week of high humidity that never happened again, so I always keep an eye on it.

Other reasons for mold on walls is that there may be a water leak either from a pipe or coming in from the roof. It has found its way to your wall and now mold is growing. You need to eliminate the water source first, then clean everything up.

Mold on Walls Happens

Mold on walls happens to everyone sooner or later. All you need to do usually is clean it up. But keep a watchful eye on it for signs that you may have a bigger mold problem than you suspected.

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