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Mold causes headaches and more even Mayo agrees. Find out how to stop mold and the headaches.

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Can Mold Cause Headaches

60% of Headaches would not begin if mold were eliminated!

This is absolutely true! The big question that comes across through searches and email is "Can mold cause headaches?" You bet it can and it does.

Your immune system is the key to this problem. When it wears down it doesn't have a huge red light that goes off in front of you alarming "Immune System DOWN - Immune System DOWN.  But what the immune system can do is send distress signals to your brain which in turn tries to sound the alarm to you.

One alarm is a headache. Whenever you are abnormally tired, have a headache, feel bad, etc. it is a cry for your body to rest. Why does your body want to rest? To refresh your immune system. But what happens when mold is a problem, you are overdriving your immune system and it begins to lower its defenses to other problems or diseases.

A subtle test to figure out if mold is causing your headaches is to leave for a few days. If you feel better or have more energy, then it could be a sign of mold in your home. If you know that your headaches get worse or more frequent the longer you are in the house, then it is about 95% sure that mold is causing your headache.

Doctors love to find problems with you and treat you with medicine. I had a physician specifically tell me that fact. That's how they get paid. They really don't like it when you "self treat" so they are not going to specifically mention mold. The closest they usually get is the term "environmental allergy".

Mold is a known allergen and also what the most people in the world are allergic too. Here's the kicker, mold exists to decompose organic matter. Are you organic? I think so. That's probably why most people get sick when they are over exposed to mold. Your body must protect you from mold over exposure first because it's trying to eat you - more or less.

Can mold cause headaches? Answer: YES!

The headache is a universal alarm sign from your brain which is trying to tell you something is wrong in your environment. Think about it, you get a headache when you are too tense, have muscle fatigue, have an injury, or just about every other illness around. It's how your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

You are also more tired with a mold problem. This is abnormal tiredness. It is probably better said that you are lethargic. Your tired when you wake up, your tired even after the best sleep you've ever had, your just run out of batteries.

Suspect that mold is the problem and take steps to identify it or steps to eliminate it. Let's face the facts - you are on this page because headaches are burdening you. That's 50% of problem solved. You keep getting headaches. Mold can cause headaches. You've tried everything and they still continue. Suspect mold, whenever nothing makes sense.

Above and to the left is the "Top 10 Mold / Mildew Solutions" free report. Fill out your information and it will be emailed to you when you click "Send Solutions Now". It may give you a better idea. It does have a section where a client was completely overwhelmed by mold and had severe and frequent headachs. Check it out and see if this is what you are having trouble with and then take action.

Mold causes headaches and many, many more problems.

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