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Mold Effects

Mold effects represent a broad range of experiences that can be as simple as a musty smell in your furniture or basement and as extreme as your hair falling out or short term memory loss. I have readers who run the entire range.

Mold effects can only exist when there is mold growing out of control in your home. I'm not pointing fingers and saying clean your home because this mold could be hidden. The mold could be growing within your walls and now some sort of disturbance has released it. It could be white mold growing all over your basement walls and you can't even see it. The mold could be in your crawl space and is wafting through your home via natural air currents and the HVAC system.

There is a page where I break down several house mold symptoms, but this site is primarily for mold removal. My method is to start easy and inexpensively and if need be increase the efforts. Isn't that the way you are too. If you can tackle a mold clean up job with a simple bleach product, why not? But bigger problems usually require bigger and costlier solutions. Mold effects everyone in different ways. If you are very sensitive, then you will be going to bigger methods sooner than someone who only has itchy eyes.

I run through most scenarios of how to eliminate mold effects in your life in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". It is available on the home page, but you may want to have me email you the 'Top 10 Mold/Mildew Solutions' first because that may solve your problem.

Mold effects happen to everyone to some extent in their life. These same mold effects happen to your pets as well. It seems though that as new home construction makes our homes more and more air tight, we get more and more reports of mold infestation where the effects are devastating. Don't play games with mold. If you are having issues that are similar to the 'symptoms' page above, then do something about it YESTERDAY.

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