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Mold Detection

Mold detection is simple for the stuff you find in the corners of your bathroom, but what about mold odors and other mold issues that you can't seem to locate?

For example, there was an odor in the bathroom of one of the readers. They bleached and cleaned everything with a toothbrush so to speak. But still there was a lingering mold odor. No matter what they did the odor was there. They burned candles, put in auto air freshener and everything. Upon reading my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", I had mentioned that a prime location in the bathroom is the interface between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. They took their toilet apart and there it was! How was that detected? The mold was detected because they had crossed everywhere else off of their list.

Mold detection is not very easy, but I assume you suspect mold to be a problem in your environment which is why you are on this page. One of the more complicated mold detection methods is to use a mold test kit available at many retail outlets. The good point is that you take a control air sample outside and at the same time take a mold air sample inside. There are many avenues for error in this process, but the great news about this method is the scientific report you get after you mail in your test.

My way of mold detection is to pay attention to the health of the people around me. I take notes to see if any of the ailments make sense. You are probably reading this because your household is at the ailment stage already. Take a click over to house mold symptoms and see if any of the bullet points cover your situation. If a couple of bullet points match, you're in the right place. That's mold detection. It's a little involved but it will tell you more than the store bought test.

Keeping tabs on your health issues will allow you to notice minute changes in your environment. With our homes becoming more energy efficient (air tight), they have also become mold tight! So pay attention to how you feel and to how those around you feel and that's the best mold detection system that money can buy.

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