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Mold Damage

Mold damage begins to set in within 48 hours of a flood or water damage of any sort to your home. Without immediately cleaning up the water damage, you are allowing mold to begin its process of reproducing.

Mold spores are everywhere and anywhere. It is impossible to get rid of them. They float on micro-currents of air and settle wherever it is moist. So anything that was in the flood, will be moist enough to allow mold spores to settle and begin thriving. So, mold damage begins almost immediately. Those spores begin to grow and generate millions of more spores.

You can throw away items that are beyond salvaging, just make sure the items are discarded outside. Anything left within your home that is still wet will begin growing the mold. The real mold damage comes after you think you have cleaned everything up.

The mold damage that is most destructive is on your health and well being. When mold begins to infest your home, you won't even notice. In fact, you probably won't notice more headaches, migraines, itchy eyes, sore throat, more sinus, coughing and so on. It all just seems normal. You may even attribute it to the aging process. The mold damage is what it does to your immune system. It keeps your immune system so busy that other diseases find it easy to get a foot hold.

The next thing you know your fighting all kinds of malladies that just don't make sense. The doctors won't be able to identify that it is mold at the root of your problem because they will have identified their diseases and they will be treating them. Meanwhile, your home's mold damage is still working on you and you keep getting sicker and sicker.

I had a client who couldn't focus their thoughts, their short term memory was gone, dermatologists found mold growing on their skin, their hair was falling out and the list gets even longer. The mold damage was caused by a rather new furnace under the house in an earthen crawl space that was leaking water under the home. This wet area was a mold farm and it was a very successful mold farm.

The mold damage for this reader was solved with techniques described in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". It can help you too. I start out with the easiest and least expensive techniques and work up to my 'secret weapon' that continually kills mold twenty four hours per day.

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