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Mold Control

Mold control is absolutely possible once you have removed the problematic mold source from your home. Mold control can be thought of in terms of steps. Each step is a process.

Mold control begins by finding what I call your mold farm. A mold farm is where you are growing mold within your home. It could be the attic, in the walls, in the ceiling, or in the basement and crawl space. In fact just about every basement and crawl space is going to be a pretty good place to look first.

Once you have found the mold, eliminated the moisture supply, removed the mold and repaired whatever needed repairing; it is now time to put in mold control. There are some chemical formulas that will create a film that is mold resistant. There are plastic and Tyvek barriers that you can install to help your mold control system and there are various ways to keep mold under control.

In my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold" I have a secret method only revealed within that actually performs mold control automatically. It is so efficient that even mold spores that wind up within your home will eventually be killed by it. There are various forms of my secret weapon, but I teach you to DIY and not only save money but make the system better than what is available.

Mold control can only be achieved after you have ended the source of the mold infestation in your home.

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