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Mold cleaner is made by every cleaning product company known to man. Mold cleaners are on shelves in every store, in every corner of the earth. Mold cleaners are a billion dollar industry and why? Because mold is everywhere and it plagues everybody, so there's a problem and they all have a solution.

I'm not against any of these companies and, in fact, I have many of their products in my home and business; however, mold cleaner is not the "end all" final answer to the problem.

If you read my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", it focuses on removing mold from your environment. I lead people to safely and effectively eliminate mold from their living areas. I also have one unique DIY system that the other mold cleaners do not. I have a method for continually keeping mold out of your life without using a mold cleaner!

You'll have to get the eBook to learn more. But as for mold cleaners, all of them are effective for small areas. It's the larger areas you have to worry about. For instance, if your basement floods, if you have a section of the ceiling that continues to grow mold due to a leak in the roof, or behind the bathroom wall whose caulking failed over a year ago.

With the large areas, I explain how to isolate them, how to protect yourself, and how to eliminate the debris safely without spreading more mold spores throughout your home. Then I walk you through how to create my 'secret weapon'. That DIY project will keep mold away as long as you have it.

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