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Mold Clean Up and How

You are wondering about mold clean up and how to do it safely. is the right place to be. Mold clean up spans from just wiping it up to an all out isolation chamber and contamination suit experience.

The US EPA publishes a free guide on their site regarding what extent of precautions you may want to take and I elaborate on them in detail in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold"; however, lets skip to the chase about mold clean up.

If you have a corner of the bathroom or the interface between your toilet tank and toilet bowl, then just use a mild household cleaner every month. But should you have extreme mold breakouts where large patches are growing on your doors, walls, or ceiling you may have a larger problem. In humid seasons this growth is common unless you have the air conditioning on all the time. If you keep the doors and windows open then you may have to pay special attention to this common occurence and do a mold clean up every few weeks.

I try to never turn on the air conditioning and I have a family room in the below-grade portion of my home. This section of the house sits on a slab and has an all tile floor. When the humidity is right the floor gets soaking wet. Last year I happened to notice what looked like dust on a few of the doors in that room. After about a week, I took a cloth to them and found out it was mold. I got some moldicide and did a mold clean up and it kept everything away for the rest of the summer.

The mold clean up was easy because it could be seen and the obvious moisture problem was the humidity. There are thousands of scenarios and you need to find a little common sense when tackling bigger jobs.

I can go on for hours, but keep exploring this site and discover what different mold symptoms may be already present within your life. By the way, I did write a book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". It does work on any mold regardless of color and it discusses different mold clean up methods.

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