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Mold and Bleach

Mold and bleach seem to be mated in every situation. But is it safe to clean up mold using bleach? The answer is yes and no. Yes - the bleach will kill the mold that you see. No - because the bleach leave moisture behind that the newly released mold spores from your cleaning can cling to. Also, for big clean up jobs bleach could easily overwhelm you with the fumes.

I use bleach to clean up small mold issues. Mold and bleach have always been the combination in my background. Even in health care, bleach is used exensively in different medical equipment to prepare it for the next patient. Dialysis equipment uses bleach to disinfect the system and anything exposed to hepatitus is cleaned with bleach to disinfect it too.

Here is the mechanics behind cleaning up an area of where mold has grown. You start out usually with a rag soaked in a mix of bleach and water. So the bleach is diluted. You then place the rag over the area to be cleaned. The slightest of air currents is created over the moldy area. This air current releases spores into the air (mold spreads). You continue to clean and simultaneously release more mold spores. The area that you bleached remains damp and the mold spores already riding around on miniscule air currents settles on the wet spot. That's the biggest drawback with the cleaning process.

To my knowledge no product is going to keep those mold spores from escaping. But I do happen to discuss in great detail a secret weapon that will eliminate even those mold spores that got away. You'll have to read it in "How to Get Rid of Black Mold" which is exclusively available on this site. But other than that I believe that mold and bleach is a good combination.

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