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Mold - The Cause of Migraine Headache or Sick Building Syndrome?

The increase in environmental "toxins" plays havoc on a person's immune system. The body must keep fighting harder and harder, until it finally breaks down into allergy symptoms, respiratory ailments, and you name it. Even migraine headaches can be increased with this build up of mold within your home or work place.

In the hospital environment there are technologies utilized to help keep mold and other harmful pathogens (germs) to a minimum. Many techniques, equipment, and supplies can be used to decrease the amount of mold in your living environment. Mold is a common root cause of many health problems and is a primary cause of sick building syndrome. Respiratory ailments, migraine headaches, general health, and well being can all be improved when mold is reduced or eliminated.

Mold, mildew, and fungus are very necessary components in the natural world. They perform the important function of breaking down organic material. A tree falls down in the forest and over time mold and fungus begin "digesting" it. As the mold continues to feed, the tree is slowly but surely decomposed until it becomes one with the soil again.

Without mold, mildew, and fungus this decomposing wouldn't happen. Nutrients wouldn't return to the soil. Dead matter would just accumulate and lay around everywhere. So even though mold is often a "bad guy" it does have its purposes.

Mold is still a problem in today's world for people that have sensitivity to it. Mold in the shower, black mold in the corner of the basement, and just about everywhere in the house is an accumulation of mold plants. When you can see these microscopic plants, then you know you have thousands, if not millions, of individual mold plants that have grown into a colony.

When these colonies dry up or die, the dead matter they leave behind can be toxic or at least a problem for some individuals. When the colonies are thriving, they produce mold spores. These mold spores are all around us all day. They are outside in the air we breathe and they are also part of our indoor air. The spores float around on currents of air everywhere. You can't totally eliminate mold but you can make life much more mold free.

Mold in general didn't used to be so bad within our living spaces. Our homes and work buildings were not very air tight. Then along came the 1970's and the energy efficient boom. Housing science began creating air tight structures. At this point in time, mold became a real issue to deal with.

Since newer construction eliminates much of the "ventilation" our old style homes and businesses had, mold spores begin to increase in count. The air that used to leak into our building kept the mold spore count down "naturally". However, with new construction methods, mold can keep building up. That means more mold colonies (what we can see) and more airborne spores (invisible to the naked eye).

As the "pool" of mold spores begins to get deeper and deeper people become increasingly more sick. Eyes, nose, and throat are the usual problem makers at first. With prolonged exposure, severe medical problems can come about. One way to guarantee a healthier life with fewer headaches and ailments is to improve the "personal environment".

Decreasing or eliminating environmental toxins like mold will improve every bit of your life. Mold should be kept outside, and your living environment should be as mold free as possible. Look into ways to create this reality.

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