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Killing Mold

Killing mold is necessary if you want to avoid prolonged, complicated health problems. The steps for killing mold are basically: first, find the mold problem, second eliminate the moisture feeding the mold, and third clean up the mold.

Killing mold happens after you dry up the water supply. The mold will eventually go into a dormant state just like the grass does every winter. This mold will come back alive and thrive again as soon as it has enough moisture to do so. 

Let's suppose you have a small portion of wall next to your bath tub that was soaked for a prolonged amount of time. Before you did any research, you knocked that part of the wall out and now you have discovered a large amount of mold. Killing mold at this point is going to become difficult because the action of knocking the wall out released millions of microscopic mold spores. 

Killing Mold - Protect Your Environment

Immediately contain the area with a plastic sheet and duct tape. Whatever work you do, you'll want it done within that containment. Even if you have to put on a mask, goggles and a clean suit you will tape yourself inside the containment with all of the cleaning supplies you need and plenty of plastic bags. You'll need enough plastic bags to throw debris into while tying the rest of your clean materials including more bags inside of one of the bags.

When killing mold everything within the containment is considered contaminated. You will scrape all the mold out. You will use moldicide (bleach possibly) to wipe everything down and place all soiled rags into a plastic bag and seal it. Now you must decontaminate the inner part of the entire containment. Wipe it down with your moldicide killing mold and spores. Then wipe down the outer portion of your garbage bags, tools and even your suit. Your tools and reusable items all get thrown into a bag and sealed. Your discarded suite, towels, rags and whatever go into a garbage bag. Take the garbage bags that have been wiped down and place them into additional bags that were kept clean during your process. Then carefully dismantle your containment discard it in a plastic bag and get all of those contamination bags outside.

I like to make sure the area within the wall where the work was done is very dry. Then I replace the wall. You'll want to remain vigilant throughout the bathroom and other moist areas of the house (laundry, kitchen and bathrooms) for several weeks and clean up any mold spots that may pop up. Those could have been spores released by your work because there is no way to stop all of them.

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