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Killer Mold

Killer mold is real. Besides the stachy variety mold of any sort is a slow methodical killer when you consider the havoc it plays with the immune system. Whenever your environment is infected with mold, that mold regardless of its genetics, is killer mold. Mold of all varieties engages your immune system and keeps it busy.

After prolonged exposure to this killer mold, your immunce system wears down and sooner or later another disease gets a foothold on your system. That's why you don't see a lot of mold infections being treated. Because the secondary infections are the ones that the doctors treat. Killer mold is that real. It may not be the bullet, but it sure holds in one place while other diseases take aim at you.

So is there such a thing as killer mold - yes, there is one mold strain that kills in and of itself through infection. Stachyboris mold is the bad guy, but all mold will begin to place you in a trap that is difficult to overcome. So all molds should be considered killer mold and you should familiarize yourself with this site and how to remove mold from your home.

I have hundreds of clients who have improved their lives based on the information in this site. They have learned "How to Get Rid of Black Mold" and have eliminated their killer mold problems.

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