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Black mold removal tips for killing, cleaning, and removing black mold.

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 Kill Black Mold!

Find out how to be rid of black mold and how to keep it from coming back!

This site is dedicated to ending black mold problems. There are several free reports and a downloadable (free) report. All of the material focuses on solving your specific black mold problems.

e only way to keep black mold in check is to take advantage of several strategies that keep black mold from growing. Are these strategies fool proof? Do these strategies gaurantee No Mold? Read on to find out.

There's no such thing as a mold free environment except for the most sophisticated clean room operations. These un-natural, man made environments use many techniques to clean the air and surfaces of all types of contamination. That's not going to happen in anyone's home, nor is anyone going to wear a space suit looking costume around the house to keep it sterile. We want to just live and not worry about it.

Everyone knows that keeping your home dry and having the relative humidity low will help to stop black mold from growing. But how many people do you know have had a leaking roof, defective exhaust fans, water sneaking in the attic or basement?

All of these are red flags that black mold could be present. You can clean up water, you can dry out the carpet and other things, but mold can still be an issue. These days you must especially watch drywall. Once it gets wet, it will grow mold very easily. Many times the only way to get rid of black mold growing on drywall is to replace the drywall.

There are detailed methods for eliminating mold, just explore this site and you'll find all the answers you need.

Explore to find out more about killing mold in your home.

Howard Doughman
Former Director Environmental Services
St. Francis Hospital of Evanston
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