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How to Remove Mold

How to remove mold is what this entire site is all about. You really have to consider one question: how big of a mold removal job is it? Once you have that in mind it is then time to learn how to remove mold for your specific application.

Small mold spot in the bathroom is a fairly simple process. I personally use diluted bleach and soapy water. I try to flood the area with the solution and let it soak, then within a minute clean it up. Those are everyday things and probably not why you clicked on this page.

Let's talk about the mold spot in your ceiling's drywall where you now understand that a leak somewhere in the house is causing. That's a more complex problem. How to remove mold from the ceiling starts with eliminating the moisture source. If your roof has a hole in it then you have to take care of that first. Then if you have access you may want to clean the wooden structures that have served as the water's pathway.

Now it's time to consider how to remove the mold from the drywall. I like to start small and work up. So if the area is small enough, drill it out and fill it with spackle or something similar. If you just sort of sand it off and paint, you really won't remove all of the mold. It will stay there until some time in the future (maybe years) when there is enough moisture to begin thriving again. You see mold is a plant just like grass and just as grass goes dormant in the winter and begins growing in the spring when the sun and moisture are right, so does mold.

So it is best to eliminate the entire infected area even if you need to put a drywall patch in place of the area. Also take note of the wall and paint around that infected area. If it is bubbled up you need to remove the mold there too. It is by far not the most simple process but it is the most safe. That's how to remove mold in a nutshell.

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