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How to Kill Mold

How to kill mold is a little like a Steven Seagall movie - it's hard to kill! The reason why is that mold is designed in a manner to keep it around long after all other life is gone. To understand how to kill mold you have to learn the mechanics behind the life of mold.

Mold starts out as a spore. The spore is released into the air and drift on the slightest of air currents. The micro-current air streams move mold spores to anywhere that is moist, where the mold spore settles and then it begins to grow. The mold spore develops into mold and creates more mold spores which in turn are released into the slightest of air streams. That's why you need to understand how to kill mold because it is spread very efficiently.

Mold spores are microscopic so in order to learn how to kill mold you must understand that there is no such thing as complete extermination of mold. Even a house that is mold free has mold and spores inside. It's when these two begin to accumulate and begin to become more populous. The higher the mold count the worse the problem until it begins to affect you.

Now that you are on this page, I assume mold has affected you and now you understand that it probably didn't happen over night. The basic steps of how to kill mold are to find it, cut off the moisture, isoloate it, and then clean it up.

Look for wet areas areas around your home and you may find where the mold is living and breeding. Once you have found it you will have to find the leak or water source that is feeding the mold farm. This could be a hole in the roof, a leaking shower or tub, a slow dripping pipe, or it could be condensation from pipes or toilet tanks. Do whatever you have to to stop the water supply. You must stop the water supply or knowing how to kill mold won't do you any good.

How to Kill Mold Process

Next isolate the area. I usually use a plastic containment. I build it with clear sheet plastic and duct tape. You don't want any mold spores escaping the scene and finding another place to grow. Remember you stir them up just by being there so contain the area as soon as possible. Now begin your cleanup process.

You have come a long way in how to kill mold, but you can really harm yourself during the cleanup. Be sure to wear personal protective gear to avoid breathing in the mold. Try not to poison yourself with your mold killer. The moldicide could be simply bleach or it could be a retail product. Make sure you won't be overcome by fumes. You will remove the gross debris before using the moldicide.

Place the debris in plastic bags that are within your containment. Once you have cleaned the entire area, you must wipe down the containment, yourself, and the plastic garbage bags. Then dismantle the tent and throw it away. It's best to not haul the stuff throught the house if possible, but if you have to then double bag it.

I describe in greater detail many scenarios similar to the one above in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". Go ahead and check it out to learn how to kill mold.

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