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How to Get Rid of Mold

How to get rid of mold is what this entire site is dedicated to teaching you. If you are not careful with your removal process you could end up with an exponentially larger problem than what you started with and that's why there is plenty of professional help out there.

Let's suppose you've already taken the first couple of steps - identified where the mold source is located and eliminated the moisture source. Now, how to get rid of mold depends on the size and location of the clean up job. The United State Environmental Protection Agency publishes some guidelines which have a helpful table for figuring out what equipment you will need, what personal protection you will need, and whether or not you should attempt this project on your own.

Let's assume this is a large job that is located in your bathroom. Water has been leaking probably for years, from the bath tub and has saturated the floor. In fact the mold is growing under the linoleum covering the floor. Now you know why it smelled so funny. If you just go in and begin pulling up the linoleum you will spread mold spores throughout your entire home. You may even make yourself toxic.

For this example, you would need to build a plastic room around your bathroom. You use good old duct tape and plastic sheeting and you build a wall around the bathroom door. Your containment will have a double flap for your entrance. You will also have a plastic ceiling and floor all duct taped securely to the walls. You should also get yourself the proper mask so that you don't end up breathing all the bad stuff.

Within your containment you will have all of your tools and supplies of plastic bags. You will keep the bathroom door shut too. Now pull up the linoleum and throw it into the plastic bags. Do not overfill them either. Leave plenty of room to tie them securely. Once all the linoleum is pulled up, you will need to take a moldicide (diluted bleach) or a specific mold killer of your choice and clean the entire floor. Those rags all get tied up in a plastic bag.

Next, you'll need to wipe down all surfaces in the bathroom with your moldicide and discard those rags too. If your bathroom has a window, you will have tried to keep it open as much as possible through all of this. Also the window is where you pass the bags through to get them out of the home. If you don't have a window, you will wipe down the outside of each bag with your moldicide. You will place each bag in another 'clean' bag. These clean bags should be kept inside a container during the sanitation process. The double bagged debris will then be ever so carefully removed to outside of the home. NOT in the attached garage either.

After all of that you will still have an extreme amount of mold spores floating around so if possible vent them through the window. For several days you will need to stay vigilent and clean up a few times until you are fairly certain you have it all. Mold spores will never be at zero but you're trying to decrease the count as much as possible. After a few days of this go ahead and replace the floor. You may get frequent outbreaks of mold spots for weeks afterwards, so just be prepared and clean them up.

How to get rid of mold is an ongoing process. I actually have a secret weapon that I describe in my eBook, that would continually destroy mold spores automatically and would greatly improve the efficiency of your DIY mold remediation. So if you think you want to make the process easier you'll have to read up on it. Otherwise, go ahead and start cleaining.

I do have other methods and scenarios that I discuss in the Top 10 Solution up and to the right. Also my most complete work is the eBook, "How to Get Rid of Balck Mold" which is available by clicking the home link above.

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