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House Mold

House mold is a common occurrence more in today's modern homes than ever before. The main reason house mold prevails more today than in years past is because our homes are more energy efficient. Energy efficient translates to more air tight than in the past. That allows mold to grow and multiply without being strewn around by lots of air drafts.

House mold needs moisture, food and dark areas to grow. The moisture that house mold needs is not necessarily a leaky pipe or condensate from cool pips in the basement. It needs the little that accumulates on the wall of the basement or crawl space due to the ambient air being warm and moist compared to the basement wall being cool.

House mold loves the dark tile floor corners where the tile stays cool while the air is warm. Think of a glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. It's soaking wet, that's why you use coasters. House mold loves it when the air conditioning is off and the room air is humid and the floor is cool. 

House mold has a food source that is anything organic and cellulose based. So of course bread, cardboard, drywall paper, wooden panelling, untreated knotty pine panels and the most prevalent source is dust! Dust is mostly organic material because a high percentage of it is human skin cells. So it is difficult to control the dust overall compared to the moisture.

In new homes you may just be better off keeping the air conditioning and heat on all year. That is the only way to keep the moisture down in your home.

Also house dust moisture sources are the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry, the basement or crawl space. Use the vents as much as possible to keep the air moving (reduces house mold) and to remove the moisture (reduces house mold).

Also make sure your paneling is sealed. For instance, knotty pine when left untreated is a mold luxory suite hotel. It gets into the grain and the slightest bit of moisture lets it produce the millions of spores that are able to take off and land all over your home and continue the cycle.

House Mold Eliminated

House mold can be eliminated through constanly keeping the moisture low in your home's air conditioning. It is impossible to have a dust free house, so moisture is the only real control you have.

House mold issues and resolutions are available all through this site. There is one true technological way to eliminate mold continuously, but I save that for my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". Although you can do quite well on your own and the information throughout the site. House mold can be controlled you just have to know what to do. 

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