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Homes Mold

Homes mold count inside is what determines if you have a mold problem or not. A homes mold count likely increases with newer construction due to the more air tight nature of how homes are built now. While older homes aged 50 or better a little more drafty and the homes mold count is constantly depleted due to air leaking.

Mold has been around forever and will be around long after humans. Mold feeds on organic compounds especially cellulose in nature. A homes mold count will rise when the air within is stagnant, there is adequate moisture inside, and it is left alone.

Mold breeds by releasing microscopic spores into the air. Those spores are everywhere. They travel on your clothes, they enter you home when you open the door, and so on. When a house sits vacant and the HVAC is not on, the mold spores will find the moisture they need and begin feeding and producing spores. The spores take flight on even the slightest of air currents and find other moist areas to land and grow.

Before long a vacant homes mold count goes way up. If there isn't serious water damage or leaking roof, all you really will need to do is air it out. Then turn on the HVAC. Once the environment's temperature and humidity are stable, give everything a good cleaning and you should be just fine. A homes mold count is harmless when you take care of it.

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