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How & Why Mold Grow

Knowing the secrets of mold growth will keep you mold free

Dear Mold Researcher,

If you’re like everyone else then you are in search of the secrets to mold growth. Whether mold grows better in light or dark places, when mold grows on bread the best, preventing mold growth on packages, why mold grows on cheese, and many other similar questions.

Mold spores are everywhere and travel around on the slightest of wind currents. Spores are undetectable for the most part. They land and "stick" to moist surfaces. Mold spores will then grow into 1,000's of cells and form a colony. The mold begins producing more spores that float around until they find another surface to stick on.

This process continues over and over again. Mold grows on bread because it is moist. Generally the bread is inside a plastic bag which is sealed. The microscopic mold spores on the bread begin to multiply. Since they can't escape the bag, they stay on that loaf of bread and begin to rapidly grow. No circulation, no fresh air, and bread is usually kept in a dark place. That leads to mold growth.

The concept is the same with any food product. It is easy to consider our food as a food source for mold. 
One point is that mold will eat just about anything organic. Dust, wood, paper, fabric and just about anything. When mold is contained within a bag or even your home, it will multiply to hazardous levels.

There are several secrets to reducing the amount of mold and mold spores within your living and working spaces.

Within this site there are simple solutions to eliminating mold, but the secret is that they were researched by a true "lazy man" so that every solution is easy - - and the prevention secrets are more powerful than the elimination processes.

If you would like to eliminate mold, and keep your home healthy then look at this guide . . .
  • Identify, eliminate, and prevent specific conditions that provide a cooperative environment for mold, mildew, and fungus
  • Save your hard earned money by exterminating the root causes of your mold problem.
  • Understand that you can control the environment enough to eliminate the problem
  • Permanently make your house, car, boat, camper mold free.
  • Understand the mechanics behind the problems of mold and fungus.
  • Save your valuable time! Prevent the problem from ever happening again.

You are literally seconds away from changing your life...

Inside "How To Get Rid Of Black Mold" you are about to discover various secrets:

  • Get rid of mold  ........chapter 2
  • Mold survival   ..........chapter 6
  • Basement mold  .......chapter 2
  • Prevent mold  ...........chapter 5

Feel free to explore this site for more valuable information, but the true secrets that will save you time, money, and effort are only available within "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". You'll find several sections that describe how to defeat the real root cause of the trouble, then you'll discover solutions to never having the problems again.

You deserve to have mold information that works and now is the time to take action!

Sign up for my free report on the top ten mold and mildew solutions. It is absolutely certain that by eliminating mold and mildew from your home will make your health improve. Find out the secrets to preventing mold spores, bacteria, viruses, etc. in your home year round.

Homes have become more and more air tight and this IS the reason why mold allergies and other mold related problems such as sick building syndrome have developed to an alarming rate within the past two decades. Find the preventative cure for your mold issues, don't just keep cleaning up the mess.

Howard Doughman


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