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Improve on the construction of your home, find out about Mold Free Drywall and get rid of black mold on drywall.

To reduce the amount of "food" available for mold to live on, replace your old drywall with a newer technology. Drywall usually has a paper matting on both sides. Mold thrives on paper as a food source. Black mold on drywall is eating away at the paper, not the gypsum filler. Paper, being cellulose is black mold's favorite food source.

By building with glass matt drywall, you will be eliminating a major source of mold. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate the mold growing within your walls. Once there is moisture and there is a food source (paper), then mold will eventually begin growing. But using the glass matt eliminates the food source and it will eliminate black mold on drywall just for that reason.

Throughout "How to get Rid of Black Mold", I speak volumes about eliminating or reducing moisture. But the glass matted drywall will naturally inhibit mold growth because mold can't eat the glass. If you have a very damp area (basement, bathroom) you may not be able to kill mold 100% of the time, but the glass matt product will definately eliminate most of the black mold on drywall that could crop up.

In the average house, 70% to 80% of walls are made of drywall. That is an enormous surface area. Since practically no one takes all of the proper precautions to limit mold growth within the home, you can just imagine the problem this represents. Be especially concerned with the basement because the black mold on drywall can not always be seen due to limits on lighting, the dampness and moisture between the concrete outer wall and the warm inner drywall, and because the basement is THE place for mold to grow. All the right conditions exist in just about every basement to form black mold on drywall.

You can find out more about this new technology for drywall and find a supplier at this site: where you can also download a brochure.

Also remember that in order to clean, kill, and permanently end mold in your home you should learn the secrets of mold removal featured in my site.

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