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Fatigue, overly tired, sinus infections, cold sores, all are immune system problems but black mold is frequently the cause.

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Health Effects of Mold

Subtle Health Effect of Mold are Common, Widespread, and Dangerous

Listen to your body - have you ever heard that one before?

You have too many headaches, you pop little allergy pills daily, it seems like you have a cold or sinus problem all year long, and you still are not listening to your body.

Don't count on the medical profession for help with these "mild" symptoms of mold. The health effects of mold are very subtle and hide themselves within other health problems. If you want proof, then download the "Top 10" report on the left and read how one victim of the health effects of mold was battling for her life - literally!

The health effects of mold are very simple. They keep your immune system in overdrive 24 hours per day. Your immune system wears down or worse, it lets other diseases through and now those diseases are getting a foot hold on your health.

Any defense system can be overwhelmed and when it is there is usually an intruder sneaking in the back door. That's the health effect of mold on all of us. There really isn't a "mold health" problem because that's not why you go to the doctor. You go to the doctor because of bronchitis, because of short term memory loss, or because you get migraine headaches.

You never approach you doctor (and good luck if you do) with "Doctor, do you think I have mold sickness?" Let's face it, the most direct and meaningful care regarding your health is your own ability to identify what's wrong with you.

If you are reading this page, then obviously you suspect something with the health effects of mold on your life. You'll need to take certain steps to figure out if it is a mold problem. Start a health journal. Do you feel better after a weekend away from home? Do you quickly slip back into that sickly feeling once you return home from a prolonged absence? Then maybe you have a mold problem.

Maybe you don't notice a difference, so try one more unorthodox approach and take a session in a tanning booth. Do you breathe a little easier, do you feel even the slightest bit better? If you do, then maybe mold is your problem.

Once you have determined that you are suffering from the health effects of mold, begin isolating the mold problem at home or at work wherever you believe it is. I suggest basements, crawl spaces, attics, kitchen sinks, and bathrooms. Notice they are all probable "wet" locations. Even a little dampness can cause the problem.

Worse yet, have you ever been blasted by stale air in the car? Within those ducts are areas where moisture and dirt can combine and allow mold to grow. The mold just reproduces and shoots at you through your commute every day. You'll need to clean that system out to end the trouble there. It's all covered by "How To Get Rid of Black Mold" and some of it is identified in the "Top 10" above and to the left.

Basically, stop the moisture, kill the mold, clean it up, and keep it clean and dry. Those are the basic steps. The health effect of mold are so numerous that there is no way to develop a complete list, because mold is just a foil that keeps your immune system busy. The other medical problems cause you to seek medical attention. If any of this speaks to your circumstances then have a discussion with your medical professional regarding black mold problems.

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