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Flood water and black mold are two linked health issues that will destroy your health.

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 Reducing Flood Damage From
Mold Growth

Once the water receeds, your guard is down and that's when things can get much worse for your health

Your home has been compromised by a flood or high water. Your basement was under water and things got wet. No matter if it was only your basement or two floors of your home, you must take action to prevent mold from getting hold.

First, dry every thing as much as possible after the flood. Then get as much stuff outside and in the sun as you can. Most furniture with fabric, carpets, rugs, padding, etc. should be thrown out. You're not going to save this.

Hard furniture needs to be cleaned and thoroughly dried. Appliances will need to opened and dried by a fan. Start running dehumidifiers as much as possible.

That process can be very painful after a flood, but there is more. Your walls and possibly ceilings must be considered for flood and especially mold damage.

Mold grows and becomes destructive to property and especially your health. Drywall will need to be replaced after a flood. Many other wall coverings will need replacement too.

The issue is disinfecting the entire space. Even if the water was only a few inches high, you'll have instances where it was "wicked" up a wall by the paper in the material. Mold will grow within walls, under wall paper, all over everything that remains wet for more than 48 hours.

You will also need to take action if your crawl space was dampened. This is a tough area to keep dry once it gets wet. Fans and dehumidifiers work, but they won't stop mold from growing. Over time, the mold will infect your home.

What can you do?

I have helped people with these problems before. A co-worker of mine had a daughter-in-law that was continually complaining of migraine headaches. She just felt ill all the time after moving into their new home. The home sat upon an earthen crawl space.

She already determined that the problem was mold. She paid an HVAC company to clean all the furnace/air duct work. That didn't fix the problem. She kept informing everyone that she could still smell the problem.

She got a quote to encase the entire crawl space in plastic. That was about $7,000 for 1,500 sq. ft. and much too high to consider. That's when I came into the picture.

I spoke with the daughter-in-law and found out that she felt better after a day away from home. She always woke up worse than the night before. She kept talking about the smell and how she could smell it but her husband couldn't. These are classic signs of mold infestation.

She was seeing an ENT every two months. She was on medication. She was going to a chiropracter to eleviate as much of the discomfort as possible. She was spending a lot of money and getting worse.

I engineered a solution that attacked the problem source, not the symptoms. The source was mold growth. Mold growth that flood victims will have to contend with very soon.

The solution was less than $200!

She didn't have a flood, but you can expect mold growth from your flood unless you take this information into consideration.


The daughter-in-law put the solution into action on a Wednesday night at about 7:00 PM. Keep in mind, she has been in the middle of a month long headache. She was taking all kinds of pills and it didn't get rid of the headache.

When she came down stairs at 8:00 AM Thursday morning, she immediately noticed that the "smell" was almost gone.

The solution was killing the mold and cleaning up her living environment. She called me and told me that her headache wasn't as bad this morning. She related to me that a couple of nights earlier that her husband finally could smell under the sink and he thought there might be a dead mouse.

The sink didn't smell underneath. The daughter-in-law turned on the air conditioning and noted the air was a little better, but there was still a slight odor.

On the fourth day, I met with the daughter-in-law and she couldn't say enough about how well the solution was working. She thought they would have to put the house up on the market, but not anymore!

Her headache was gone. She had been miserable for months, spent a lot of money and remained miserable. For about $200 her issues were resolved. The mold was killed and was continually being killed.

Eliminating the mold you can see is one problem. But the bigger problem is the accumulation of mold spores in the air. We attacked them. When we began destroying them, the mold colonies (mold you can see) began to self destruct.

When I spoke to her again, she hadn't had to take any medication for the entire week. Her headaches are gone. She is living again.

The Answer

You can solve your mold problems by clicking here. Or I can ship you the same solution as discussed above for $217.00 and you'll definately be ridding your home of mold whether you've had a flood or not.

This solution is restricted for basements, crawl spaces, and attics only.  After a flood, when you think the worst is over, the mold that results from a flood can be devastating.

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