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Effects of Mold

The effects of mold can be devastating if the mold source is not found and eliminated. A wet area only takes 24-48 hours to begin growing mold. The number one defense against mold is to eliminate its moisture source!

The effects of mold are varied and range from a runny nose to memory loss and sometimes death. Take a look at house mold symptoms to identify if you may have to worry about a mold infestation. The effects of mold are often difficult to tie together but there are some commonalities in different situations that would indicate that you are having a mold problem.

Sinus, headaches, musty odors, confusion, lack of appetite and hundreds more symptoms exist. If you have several health issues that are idiosyncratic you may have an underlying mold infestation that needs to be checked out. I go over many details of how to eliminate mold within your home in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold" which is available on the home page.

The only way to combat the effects of mold is to eliminate the mold. So use caution or a professional. You can usually handle small jobs, but it's the big jobs that will most likely cause the spread of mold rather than eliminating the mold. You see, mold spores are released with the slightest of air currents. The micro-air currents distribute the microscopic mold spores anywhere that is moist. The spore then begins to grow and take hold. By the time you can see mold, there are millions of individual cells already thriving. So be careful.

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