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Black Mold Removal

Black mold removal is necessary to keep your health in tact. Black mold doesn't cause 'black mold disease' it does cause your immune system to be so overwhelmed that other diseases can easily enter. The three main steps for black mold removal are identify the source, end the moisture that is feeding it, and then remove the black mold.

Black mold removal begins with the fact that you finally understand that it is impacting your health. If you are uncertain about health issues or symptoms, try clicking house mold symptoms for further detail. If you find those bullet points hit home with you then it's time to continue on.

First, find the black mold source. Sometimes this is the most difficult of the black mold removal steps because it can remain hidden in between walls, in the attic, in the basement, or even in the crawl space. Once you have found your little black mold farm, it's time to begin the work of eliminating it which can be hazardous. The black mold removal process can now begin in earnest.

Black mold removal requires that you find the water source that is feeding your black mold farm. Moisture is the only part of the black mold equation that you can usually control. This could be a leak, it could be a hole in the roof, it could be a sump pump problem, it could even be excessive humidity. Figure out what is keeping the area moist and repair the problem. Your black mold removal efforts will not last without stopping the moisture.

Once the water source is eliminated, build a plastic containment around the infected area with sheet plastic and duct tape. You want walls and possibly floor and / or ceiling depending on what surface you are going to be working with. You will also need to protect yourself with a mask, goggles and possibly a clean suit. Remove the gross debris and discard within plastic garbage bags. Nothing leaves the containment until everything is bagged and the bags are disinfected.

Black Mold Removal Begins:

Once the gross black mold is removed, use a mold killer (moldicide) and follow the instructions. Be generous in your application as well. Once you have everything disinfected, clean your suit, your tools, then wipe off the garbage bags. Place all the garbage bags in clean garbage bags (double bag). That way they can be carried outside without infecting the house. Dissassemble your containment and throw it away too. Next just make your repairs as needed.

Monitor your black mold removal effort for several weeks to make sure it isn't going to make a comeback. The reason for the contaiment was to keep the mold spores released under control and not spread all over the place. It's those black mold spores that are your biggest challenge after the clean up.

I have a step-by-step guide for black mold removal titled "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". It's and eBook which runs through various scenarios and processes, discusses how to protect yourself, and even makes eliminating those pesky black mold spores auomatic. It's available by clicking the home button above and to the left.

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