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Black Mold Rash

Black mold rash is possible but most likely it is due to another allergy type. What happens is that black mold invades your home. Your exposure over time begins to break down your immune system. You notice all kinds of unrelated ailments. Headaches, dizziness, ear aches, nausea and so on. None of the ailments truly relate to each other. Then you get a rash.

You probably believe there is a black mold problem in your environment and so you are looking for a black mold rash. Well anything is possible, but the black mold is the common thread to the above ailments. Your doctor won't be diagnosing black mold regimens, they will medicate the symptoms that they see. It is up to you to convince them that it is a black mold issue. Your black mold rash probably has a root cause of black mold but the rash itself more than likely will seem unrelated to the doctor.

You need to take steps to eliminate black mold as a problem in your surroundings and that is why I ended up writing "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", because I suspected mold issues were behind a lot of my wife's numerous ailments. Through taking actions that I outline in my book we were able to get rid of black mold and the other ailments slowly dissapeared.

So as far as having a black mold rash - probably not. As far as having black mold prolbems, probably so. Read through the various pages of this site and find out for yourself.

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