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Black Mold in Apartment

Black mold in aparment doesn't necessarily mean you have a huge problem unless you are experiencing some health issues. Such health related problems are sinus, headaches, migraines, runny nose, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, and so on.

If you think black mold in apartment is a problem then you need to examine house mold symptoms because that is where I spell it out in bullet points. I have met many readers who have had mold in their apartments and the biggest problem is getting the land lord to do something about it. I think that making more and more people aware of this site will help bring this particular problem to the forefront. However, what do you do when you find black mold in apartment?

First begin cleaning it up without creating a larger problem by spreading it throughout. Contain the area, clean it up, and dispose of it in a double garbage bag. Now find the moisture source that is feeding the black mold. If you can't eliminate then the land lord will have to do so. Send the land lord to this site. If that doesn't work, introduce your attorney to this site and then have the attorney do their thing with the land lord.

Black mold in apartment can be very dangerous. Let's face it, you are probably locked into a contract and getting out is not financially feasible right now. Start talking to the land lord, send the link of this site to the land lord and hopefully you won't have to do too much more convincing. Black mold will make you very sick. If you are already sick and you can pinpoint the black mold problem, well now you can probably take the owner to court.

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