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Black mold headaches can be solved using the information in this report.

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Black Mold Headaches

Sinus headaches find roots in black mold exposure

Black mold headaches are a staggering 1/3 or 33% of your sinus headache problems. If you get a headache and think it's just another sinus headache, then it's time to consider that it may be a black mold headache.

Symptoms of a black mold headache are identicle to a sinus headache. You feel miserable, sometimes sick to your stomach, frequently the black mold headache is just pounding so hard that you think a hammer would feel better, and the eyes hurt too.

If 33% of your sinus headaches are black mold headaches, then there is good news. All you need to do is find the source of the black mold. There are two very simple places to spot if you could be suffering from a black mold headache. One is an earthen crawl space and the other is a basement.

In an earthen crawl space you will find dampness, a pronounced musty odor, and possibly you will actually see the black mold that is causing your headaches. In a basement look under each window and see if your wall is streaked. Look at  water softener equipment and see if there are black mold spots on the tanks, look around cold water pipes, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and the furnace. You are looking for inconsistent coloring. It is impossible to tell if a mold is "black mold" or a different strain of mold without a professional opinion. But find the discoloration and assume it is mold.

Black mold headaches can be diminished by getting rid of the black mold source. The black mold source can be eliminated by getting rid of the moisture source that is sustaining it.

Frequently finding and eliminating the moisture source is easier said than done. For crawl spaces just assume that whatever moisture protection that exists is defective and plan to put some preventive measures in place. You can add fans to keep outside air circulating within the space to exchange air and not allow excessive black mold spores to accumulate.

You can add a moisture barrier to the crawl space which is a popular fix and costs quite a bit of money too. This will reduce the moisture within your crawl space and cut off the water from your black mold; however, it will just displace that problem to the areas outside of the moisture barrier. Think about it, you will be moving the black mold zone a matter of feet, but it will temporarily stop your black mold headaches.

Another way which is discussed in "How To Get Rid of Black Mold" allows you to develop a home made method for eliminating your black mold problem and hence eliminating your black mold headaches. The method costs you less than $150 in all.

For the black mold growing in your basement, you will need to find the moisture source. Is it the window, is it the water equipment, sweating pipes, and so on. Once you identify the issue, repair the problem. You will find several suggestions in the "Top 10 Mold/Mildew Solutions" report available to you for free at the upper left hand corner of this page. For instance, wrap pipe insulation around your cold water pipes to reduce their sweating. Caulk window frames that may be allowing rain water to get into the basement.

If you have a sump pump then you will have a huge moisture source problem and with the way the sump system works, you will need to read the book. This was my main area of concern when my family began having trouble with black mold; however, when it all started we did not even know black mold could be the problem. Years removed from that time, I see:

"A 1999 Mayo Clinic study pegged nearly all the chronic sinus infections afflicting 37 million Americans to molds. Recent studies also have linked molds to the tripling of the asthma rate over the past 20 years."



"According to a 1994 Harvard University study of 10,000 homes across the USA and Canada, roughly 50% had some type of mold present."


When Harvard and the Mayo Clinic have studies on the issue, then it must be pretty big. So are you having black mold headaches? According to these two independent sources, you very well could be. That is one of the reasons why I wrote "How To Get Rid of Black Mold", because it was affecting my family. I counted my headaches for a one month period in the winter one year. I had a headache 20 of the 30 days!

I did not realize at the time that I was having black mold headaches, but when I got rid of my black mold issues, the cure was immediate. I went from 20 per month to maybe two headaches per month. So it pays to solve any issues in your home or apartment that may be causing black mold headaches.

There really is not a way to get around black mold growing within your home because of the way homes are built today. They are wrapped up tight to have better energy efficiency. Yes Tyvac is used to allow moisture out and not in; however, it is my unprofessional opinion that Tyvac, like so many other new things we buy, wears out after a time. That's when the mold spores begin to build up and create your black mold headache.

The sump system collects water from outside the perimeter of your home and sends it via a tile system to the pump, which spits it back outside. I have not researched the reason for this mechanism, but it screams black mold headache to me. That is why the main system for black mold prevention is taught to you in my book. Once you have the method in place, you will not have to worry about the accumulation of black mold spores in your home. Your black mold headaches will decrease and you will feel better.

I was one of the people "popping" sinus pills several times a day to keep myself going, but on the bad black mold headache days, I would tell my wife, "I think hitting myself in the head with a hammer would feel better than this". I know it doesn't make a lot of sense until you are having severe headache issues like I was and I'm sure mine were black mold headaches.

You don't have to take my word for it. Do your own research and start with the two article in yellow above. I put the web address for each reference there so you can look it up yourself.

I have personally talked to dozens of people, who after reading my book, put two or three strategies together and eliminated their problems. Thereby reducing their black mold headaches and improving their overall health. In the "Top 10" report available above, you can read a first hand account of a serious black mold infestation on the west coast. The people I talk to are from coast to coast, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and nearly 100% of the English speaking countries. My solutions work.

If you are still not sure that black mold headaches are your problem, invest a little research into the problem and see if the research matches your specific issues. Once black mold problems are solved for you, you will have fewer headaches and just feel better. It is amazing the secret and diabolical health effects that black mold presents to us even in our technologically advanced society.

If you have read this far and you believe that your trouble with headaches is not related to black mold then I recommend this headache solution.

Good luck and read on because there is plenty of information on this site.

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