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Black Mold Cancer

Black mold cancer could actually be real. First I am not a doctor. But I do believe black mold and other mold family members contribute heavily to the various diseases that plague man kind. The reason is that mold constantly bombards our immune systems. If you have a mold infestation then the bombardment is extreme. When your immune system is busy or worn down through the constant challenge, that's when cancer gets its hold. This is what I believe.

How do otherwise normally healthy people fall victim to cancer within amazingly short periods of time? My thought is it that it is a black mold cancer. The black mold was attacking the body for so long and weakening it that the cancer whether directly or indirectly a result of the black mold, took hold. Please try to refute what I say and I'll publish it along with this page. But that's what I truly believe to be happening.

If mold could be greatly eliminated from your home, the concept of "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", then I believe the incidents of cancer and other debilitating diseases would decrease with statistical significance. I have do-it-yourself steps outlined in the book all designed to spend as little money as possible and work your way up the chain only if the situation calls for it.

Black mold cancer is what I believe attacked a 52 year old friend of mine. He worked in an office suite that was rented. The roof broke open one season and flooded his suite. It took weeks for the landlord to finally pull up the carpet and replace it. That's long enough for the mold to begin growing everywhere within that building. My friend was suddenly diagnosed with tongue and throat cancer and given a 50-50 chance of survival. I got the news just this week! I definately believe this is a case of black mold cancer.

He never smoked, barely drank alcohol and suddenly within a two week time frame became sick and was diagnosed. Again, due to the flood not being tended to properly and allowing two or more weeks to pass, I believe my friend has black mold cancer. Not directly attibutable to black mold, but it sure is an underlying cause.

He will never be diagnosed with anything other than tongue and throat cancer and that's why you will never hear the diagnosis of black mold cancer until the public outcry is heard and acted on by the incredibly powerful community of doctors, insurance companies, landlords, and lawyers. I challenge anyone to stand up to the establishment and get this recognized, but it is going to take the industry professionals to grow a pair and take on this challenge. Billions if not Trillions of dollars are at stake. Especially if there becomes an official diagnosis of black mold cancer.

I'm angry about it that's for sure. If you think this is a rant, then maybe you need to meet one of my clients whose hair was falling out, whose short term memory was non-existent, whose black mold problem was in the sleep number bed mattress, whose cat died, and who through following along with my book and through my emails has corrected all that was wrong with her home. It was the furnace in her earthen crawl space that was only two years old that had a water leak. The wet earth was the original breeding ground for the mold which was then distributed by the air blower to the whole house. I'm angry because I believe black mold cancer is a reality and it causes a high percentage of cases and a slew of other diseases.

This site,, has served several very ill readers and has helped them get a handle on their mold problems. Maybe some day in the future we'll be able to say we were instrumental in identifying black mold cancer.

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